Wolfing Bundle

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Includes Brush In Waves - Daily Training Lotion, Wave Serum - Wolfing Accelerator, Jelly Waves Royal Jelly, and an Ultra Silky Premium Durag.

These high quality, safe, effective WAVEBUILDER products are made by us with only the best available ingredients.

Brush In Waves - Daily Training Lotion 6.3 oz. (185ml)
Brush in Waves is a hair healthy water based “activator” that helps gently make hair more “waveable.” Sealed in moisture makes hair easier to wave and this product is essential to top wavers all over the world. It can be used as often as desired without buildup and is an excellent brushing aid. Never greasy and leaves a nice lasting shine.

Wave Serum - Wolfing Accelerator 4.1 oz. (122ml)
Wavebuilder Wave Serums are concentrated nutrient rich liquid formulas formulated to deliver very specific wave related results. Wolfing Accelerator is formulated to help wavers during the wolfing process. Wavers who “wolf” let their hair get longer than they normally would before cutting, to encourage a better wave pattern and create deeper waves. Wolfing Accelerator is a lightweight serum specifically blended to tame and hold long, wild hairs during wolfing. Fortified with nutrients & active proteins, Wolfing Accelerator locks in moisture, active proteins and nutrients to moisturize hair all day and control the frizz. Non-greasy. Buildup free and never sticky with tons of added shine.

Jelly Waves Royal Jelly 4.0 oz. (115g)
Jelly Waves is a brand new and very innovative breakthrough formula made especially or wavers. Jelly waves is a nutrient rich POMADE REPLACEMENT that works much better than your typical pomade. Jelly waves is GREASE FREE AND WAX FREE yet holds hair fully all day and night with outrageous amounts of wave highlighting shine. This hair healthy formula is one of our best and will work wonders for your waves. Royal Jelly: Stronger hold, calming ingredients for coarse or hard to wave hair.

Ultra Silky Premium Durag Design: WB 360 Orange
PREMIUM Ultra Silky Durag made with exclusive run-resistant fabric. High count overlock stitched edge will not fray. Extremely fine fibers are knit on each side of the material -- for the silkiest and softest fabric possible. Breathable and comfortable to wear all day and all night.  Generous size and perfect fit, with flat top seams that won’t leave lines in your hair. Fully saturated color on both patterns and solids means the color shows through—so when you tie up – the insides of the tails look just as good no matter how you tie it. The color won’t bleed either—to wash, gently hand wash in cold water and air dry.