Wavebuilder: Have you ever tried to change your wave pattern? If so, what challenges did you face?
Edwin Hurricane Hensley: Yea I changed my pattern from originally have a beehive pattern to the 540 pattern that I have no the most difficult thing I had to face during that time was my crown developing and breaking my beehive crown made my transition difficult and due to that I’ve been having to figure out my angles in order to be forkless and have great flow.

WB: How many different brushes do you have?
HH: I have over 75 different brushes ranging from shower brushes to curves to flats to stubs each brush does something depending on what I was to work with and or what stage of wolfing I’m at.    

WB: Do you ever let anyone else brush your hair?
HH: Never have I ever let someone brush my hair. I actually hate it lol even when my barber tries to hook me up makes me flinch lol.

WB: What's the strangest place you've ever brushed your hair?
I’ve brushed my hair from the school bathrooms to public parks but the strangest place I’ve gotten a brush session is at a club.

WB: What's a new tip or trick you can share?
A new trick or tip would be use and app called YUKA this app tells u everything u need to know about any product. It’ll take the guessing out of anything u want to consume or put on your body.

WB: What's next for you?
The next thing for me is I’m going to coming back in October and run for this title yet again why stop the flame when it’s going.