Dido George

Wavebuilder: How long have you had waves?
Dido George: I’ve been waving since Feb.23rd 2016

WB: What is your wave building routine?

DG: After applying some moisturizer to my hair I brush it in for an hour. Then I isolate my crown and brush that for 30 min. using my X method to ensure proper beehive crown angles. Then I rag up and do it all again the next day.

WB: What are your favorite wave building products?
DG: I’m in love with Wavebuilder's Coco Crēme Milk Bar. The lather and smell is amazing plus the shine and feel it gives my hair is perfection in a bar. I also like to use Rimix Butters and Regal 7 growth oil.

WB: What kind of brush do you use, and how often do you brush?
DG: I tend to use more hard brushes than anything because I wolf year round. I also use a edge brush for my crown because it’s a perfect for brushing the crown without moving the hairs outside of my crown area. I only brush once, maybe twice a day.

WB: Besides building waves what do you like to do?
DG: I’m a musician and vocal artist as well. And I am currently working on an invention that will change the way people apply product to their hair.

WB: What do girls love about your waves?
DG: I can say my wife gets hypnotized by my waves sometimes. She’ll just stare and rub for a good minute. The art of it all is appreciated and loved by many who have been able to see my waves in person.

WB: Any advice for those just starting out?
DG: Start from the crown and learn your patterns angles. Never sleep without your durag. Also learn your porosity, it will save you a lot of time money and frustrating sessions.

WB: How does it feel to be Wave King?
DG: It feels amazing honestly. My father passed away and i needed something to lift my spirits. It took a couple months but I think the loss I took for August Wave King made it even more special to get the win. Thank You God.