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How To Deepen Your Waves
Stuck in the shallow end? Many people want those really deep waves. Here's how to get them deeper. read more
Hard to Wave Spots
One of the major difficulties for a lot of wavers is to get certain places to “wave up”. Learn why this happens and how to get wavy all around read more

3 Myths on Achieving Waves
Sometimes you hear things about waves which aren't actually true. Here's the real more

Washing Your 360 Waves
Washing your waves is not as complicated as people make it seem. All it takes is a little knowledge onread more
Should you get a cut with the grain or against the grain? Find out the difference between the two and decide which is best for more
Wave Connections
We all know waves don’t appear overnight, and neither do connections. Connections are honestly one more
360 Connections
The Doppler Effect which is what you see when you skip rocks, also on more
Getting a haircut is a very important step in achieving wave success. If your waves aren’t trained well, you may be struggling to make progress by getting more

FAQs on Wolfing
Wolfing is an important process in achieving the best waves. However, a lot of people do not understand the importance. It’s usually known as something you just have to more

360 Waves – Frequently Asked Questions
We know Wave Kings give out a lot of advice (often they get the same questions asked many times!), so we asked one of our very first Wave Kings Evan Kennerly to put together…read more

How to get a Spiral Crown
You may have seen different wave patterns, or heard about 360s, 540s, 720s. If you want a different pattern than a beehive, here's how to get that spiral more

Choosing the Right Brush
A lot of people wonder which brush is “right” for them but the answer is really up to you. You make the decision if a specific more

Wolfin' Part 1
What is wolfing? It’s a question a lot of new wavers ask. Wolfing is the process in which a person grows their hair out by consistently brushing, more

Wolfin' Part 2
Now that you understand wolfing, here are some tips to get the best results during your wolfing stage more
Choosing the Size of Your Waves
People frequently ask, “How do I space my waves out more?” The short answer to this question is: you can’t. The size of your waves depends on your hair type more