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Ultimate Pomade Collection

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Includes Deep Wave Purple Haze Pomade, Oil Jel Pomade, Advanced Formula Night Form Pomade, Jelly Waves Guava, Pomade Booster, and an Ultra Silky Premium Durag.

These high quality, safe, effective WAVEBUILDER products are made by us with only the best available ingredients.

Deep Wave Purple Haze Pomade 3.0 oz. (85g)
Pomade is central to most wave regimens. Whether used for daily hold, brushing or at night under a durag or wave cap – it is something that most wavers simply cannot live without. We put a lot of work into formulating Wavebuilder Deep Wave Pomade and tested many different ingredients and competitive formulas before being satisfied that Deep Wave outperforms all other formulas. The blend of waxes and the selection of oils and how these fit together makes all the difference. Wavebuilder Deep Wave Pomade has tons of hold, has added nutrients, moisturizers and conditioners and goes on smoothly without stickiness or buildup. Never greasy, makes deep well defined waves. Lasts all day or night. Sweatproof. Hair healthy. The choice of top wavers everywhere. Deep Wave Purple Haze: With grapeseed oil. Excellent for coarser textures or hard to wave hair. Ultra hold formula.

Oil Jel Pomade 3.0 oz. (85g)
Wavebuilder Oil Jel Pomade is a medium holding formula that contains special oil gelling emollients that make this product unique. Oil Jel Pomade spreads very easily and surrounds each hair strand fully for deep 360 waving results. These same ingredients provide high wattage and lasting shine. Brushing is a breeze with Wavebuilder Oil Jel and it will take less time and effort to achieve superior waves. Nutrient rich and scalp healthy.

Advanced Formula Night Form Pomade 3.5 oz. (99g)
Wavebuilder Advanced Formula Pomades are specially formulated with in-house developed wax blends that are hair healthy and deliver outstanding wave forming results that hold all day or night. These formulas also contain high levels of proteins, moisturizers and emollients for shine, strength and definition. Advanced formulas for advanced wavers! Night Form: Best for nighttime under durag or wave cap.

Jelly Waves Guava 4.0 oz. (115g)
Jelly Waves is a brand new and very innovative breakthrough formula made especially or wavers. Jelly waves is a nutrient rich POMADE REPLACEMENT that works much better than your typical pomade. Jelly waves is GREASE FREE AND WAX FREE yet holds hair fully all day and night with outrageous amounts of wave highlighting shine. This hair healthy formula is one of our best and will work wonders for your waves.Guava: Medium hold, nutrients for damaged or dry hair.

Pomade Booster 2.7 oz. (80ml)
It used to be that the only way to make a pomade “stronger” was to add more wax to the formula. This is a problem because it makes the pomade hard and difficult to spread – and also sticky and prone to buildup. Yet the problem persists: More hold is often needed or desired for the deepest spinning waves. Wavebuilder Pomade Booster Mix in Drops are a revolutionary development in waving. Add a few drops to ANY pomade to boost its hold. More drops equals more hold (See instructions.) Simple, effective and INCREASES spreadability. Vitamin enriched. Scalp healthy. Increases shine.

SUPERSILKY Premium Durag Design: Ultimate King

PREMIUM SUPERSILKY Durag made with exclusive run-resistant fabric. High count overlock stitched edge will not fray. Extremely fine fibers are knit on each side of the material -- for the silkiest and softest fabric possible. Breathable and comfortable to wear all day and all night.  Generous size and perfect fit, with flat top seams that won’t leave lines in your hair. Fully saturated color on both patterns and solids means the color shows through—so when you tie up – the insides of the tails look just as good no matter how you tie it. The color won’t bleed either—to wash, gently hand wash in cold water and air dry.