Wave Starter Set

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Deep Wave - Wave Forming Pomade 3.0 oz. (85g)
Wavers love Deep Wave Pomade because it is lightweight, non-greasy and provides a strong, long lasting hold. Carefully blended with collagen and active proteins, it penetrates waves and soothes the scalp. Extra moisturizers build stronger, deeper waves. Get deeper, defined waves without the greasy buildup. Great for wavers wolfing to get a deeper wave pattern.

Wave Activating Durag
The Wave Activating Durag has built in wave activators to help form waves while you sleep. Like all Wavebuilder durags, it is made of premium, breathable and comfortable fabric. It protects your waves and helps build more, while remaining dry and non greasy.

Brush In Waves - Daily Training Lotion 6.3 fl. oz. (186 mL)
Wavers brush multiple times throughout the day either at home or on the go. Brush in Waves is packed with nutrients and proteins that soften hair and soothe the scalp during brushing sessions. Collagen and vitamins add moisture to help curls stretch more easily while brushing & leave your waves looking fuller and deeper. Brush in Waves is specially formulated to seal in moisture, allowing the brush to glide more easily & prevent breakage wavers can get from dry brushing.

Wash In Waves - Wave Saving Shampoo 6.9 fl. oz. (204 mL)
Get clean and refreshed waves with Wash in Waves shampoo. The only shampoo made especially for wavers, it is enriched with keratin and collagen to enhance volume for deeper wave definition and is gentle on waves. Wavers wash the hair at least 2 times a week to get rid of buildup. Whether a quick brush wash or scramble wash, clean hair builds healthy, natural looking waves.

Waveamins Vitamin Treatment 4.1 fl. oz. (122 mL)
Silicone free Waveamins Wave Serum is carefully formulated with nourishing vitamins and active proteins to moisturize dry hair, prevent breakage & control frizz. Unlike traditional hair serums, Waveamins is designed to soothe and moisturize hair & scalp without the greasy buildup. Waveamins softens coarse hair allowing wavers to maximize brush sessions to get deeper, healthy looking waves.