Wolfin’ Part 2 – Wavebuilder

Wolfin’ Part 2

Wolfin’ Techniques

  • “Shower brushing” is a technique that can be used to help lay down your hair when it starts to get crazy in the higher weeks of wolfing. This may be different because everybody’s hair grows at different rates, and some people have thicker hair than others. You can shower brush just letting the shower head water run down your head and brushing at the same time, or you can apply shampoo and/or conditioner and brush it in for a couple of minutes then rinsing it out. Shower brushing helps train your hair deep into the scalp to help maximize the progress of your wolfing session to lay down more hair.
  • “The H20 method” is when you have a spray bottle of water or combined with your favorite oil such as Brushing Oil. You spray a good amount on your head and brush until dry. It’s basically like the shower brushing method but you can do it whenever you have time to get in a major brushing session.
  • The”plastic bag method” is a method where you use an ordinary plastic bag. Use the bag as if it were a brush, going in the same direction as your pattern. The friction from the bag creates heat on to your hair and scalp making the hair more pliable, which makes it easier to lie down.
  • Combing. Yes COMBING. As you wolf your hair is getting longer and can sometimes get tangled without notice, which can hinder your connection progress. Combing helps to re-align your hair that may have been displaced. Comb your hair in the direction that you brush. When you're deep into wolfin’ comb your hair before you start your brushing session and also if you see fit throughout the day. When combing you can actually see how deep your waves are.
  • The “HOT Towel” method is used similar to the plastic bag method. The only difference is you’re using the hot water’s steam and moisture to open your hair’s pores to make your hair more pliable. Simply run hot water on a wash cloth (not extremely hot just warm enough to get the job done), wring out the wash cloth and let it sit on your head for at least 15-30 seconds. You use can this method in other different ways also. The second way is to rub the towel in the direction your pattern goes until damp, and the third is to vigorously rough up your hair as if you were drying it off straight from the shower (This will only make your pattern look a lil crazy for a brief moment so DON'T Worry). This is only to make sure the moisture and steam get into the scalp thoroughly. Last step, at the end of each of these methods apply what ever product you would normally use and follow up with the rest of your routine and rag it up until DRY! P.S. You don’t have to be wolfing to use this method--it works with any hair length.