TRAPWAVES901 MAY 2021 WINNER – Wavebuilder



Wavebuilder: How long have you had waves?
TrapWaves: I’ve been waving since 2016, seriously.

WB: What is your wave building routine?

TW: Overall I brush a lot. When I wash & style or do a clay and lay method, I add a butter then a moisturizer then rag up. I see progress faster by brushing for 30-45 mins & saving my progress by ragging up. I try to do that 3-4 times a day if time permits itself, busy military life.

WB: What are your favorite wave building products?
TW: I prefer all natural wave products coupled with natural oils.

WB: What kind of brush do you use, and how often do you brush?
TW: I use Torino brushes (curved preferably). I brush an estimated 4 hours per day minimum.

WB: Besides building waves what do you like to do?
TW: I like to do YouTube, read books & make money.

WB: What do girls love about your waves?
TW: Yes, they say they can tell I’m a man who takes pride in his appearance. Spot on about me.

WB: Any advice for those just starting out?
TW: Believe In yourself and understand it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Find your favorite waver and watch all content possible. The rest is history with consistency.

WB: How does it feel to be Wave King?

TW: It’s an honor, I worked hard. Nice to see my hard work paying off and being acknowledge. Thanks Wave Builder!