How to get a Spiral Crown – Wavebuilder

How to get a Spiral Crown

What is the Crown?

The crown is located at the upper middle level of your scalp; sometimes it’s mistaken as a bald spot (It's not.) Basically, it’s where your hair is parted. For a waver, it is parted many different ways to achieve the 360 Doppler Effect. The location varies from person to person; the crown can be in either the middle, left, or right region of the upper level of the head.

What is a Spiral Crown?

A Spiral Crown is the opposite of a 360 Doppler Effect or beehive. Sometimes you'll see it called 540 waves or 720 waves. A spiral crown is exactly what the name portrays – your waves mimic a spiraling out effect. Some people have a naturally spiraling crown, but for others it’s all about training. Yea, that means you would have to do some work (not much people). It is actually simple, especially when you use WaveBuilder’s Edgetastic!

How do I get a Spiral Crown?

You have to first pick a side, left or right, for where you want your spiral location to be. The left upper location works well if you're right handed. Start by extending your brush strokes from where you want your spiral crown to form and work your way down. Start each stroke from that position working your way around your head. Try picking up a mini brush so that you can focus on your crown to help deepen and define it.