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Hard to Wave Spots

One of the major difficulties for a lot of wavers is to get certain places to “wave up." One of the reasons for this is due to sleeping on either the right/left side which causes your waves to move around a lot. Naturally, this messes up your wave pattern. Another reason could be that your hair is naturally thinner on one side. The problem is that those spots sometimes tend to grow in the opposite direction as your general wave pattern. A lot of wavers brush the right side down and their left side at an angle. This is a common occurrence among wavers and usually makes the hair slightly harder to train.

If you’ve tried everything for your hard spots to wave up and still not seeing results, try using Edgetastic by Wavebuilder! What is great about this product is that it specifically targets the hard to wave spots and does what it’s supposed to do! Expect to see fully connected 360 waves! The best thing about Edgetastic is that it makes existing waves, even wavier and improves overall connection and depth.

A lot of people aren’t sure how to use it which limits the product’s full potential it could have on the hair. Most wavers mistake Edgetastic as a wave pudding but it is NOT to be treated as such. It does have a gooey consistency, which makes people sometimes put too much or not enough of in their hair. All it takes is a dime size amount for your entire head. If you’re just putting it in one spot, make it half a dime size. For best results, dampen the hair first and then apply. Repeat as many times as you want during the day. As always, the more you brush the better your waves will be!!