Haircuts – Wavebuilder


Getting a haircut is a very important step in achieving wave success. If your waves aren’t trained well, you may be struggling to make progress by getting cuts which are too low. This depends on the depth of your pattern and the texture of your hair. The straighter the hair, the higher the cut has to be to maintain waves and visibility. People with curlier hair will be able to get lower cuts, but if it is cut too low without properly trained hair, you could also lose progress and wave visibility.

A safe cut for just about all wavers is a #2 WTG (with the grain--in the direction of your wave pattern). When you’re starting out, always get a cut WTG or you might find that your waves are not improving!! It is important to tell your barber to give you a cut that’s high enough so your waves are still visible. If it is possible, have them cut some off of the top then cut with a lower guard until you’ve reached the lowest point where you can still see waves.

You can just tell your barber to bring it down enough to where your waves are visible. Most barbers aren’t willing to do this, but there are some who are. It’s not recommended to keep changing the length of your haircuts. A lot of barbers stick to one cut you’re used to getting so he starts to know what it should look like. Always remember to wash your hair well before getting a cut!! A barber likes to see clean hair. Should you brush when you're on your way to the barbershop?” YES!! Brush whenever your hands are free. That should sum it all up.