3 Myths on Achieving Waves – Wavebuilder

3 Myths on Achieving Waves

Myth #1: Some products won’t cause buildup, regardless of how much you put in.

Facts: Buildup will happen if you constantly put product in, no matter what. Applying too much product causes hair to get nasty. You shouldn’t put too many products on your hair at one time unless you are able to rinse them out at night. You can use a gentle shampoo like Wash in Waves.

Myth #2: Shampooing your hair every night is good for your hair.

Facts: It’s good to stay clean, but if you shampoo every night you waves might go away, or develop much more slowly. If you are always messing with your hair (scrubbing) it will be a longer process to get your hair to lay down and form waves. This is why we wear durags/caps; if your hair gets messed up the waves do to! You will have to decide how frequently to wash your hair based on texture, wave depth, and the amount of product you use. But when you do shampoo, get messy with it. Don’t be afraid to get to the roots of your hair and scrub!

Myth #3: Getting your haircut ATG (Against The Grain) will automatically get rid of your waves.

Facts: Getting your hair cut against the grain will not automatically get rid of your waves. The problem is that when you’re wolfing and your waves aren’t very deep, a cut against the grain will trim off the older part of the hair that has deeper waves because it’s been brushed out more. So if it’s your first time wolfing and you’re getting a cut, get a #2 WTG. Getting your waves deeper will come with time.