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360 Waves – Frequently Asked Questions

We know Wave Kings give out a lot of advice (often they get the same questions asked many times!), so we asked one of our very first Wave Kings, Evan Kennerly to put together a list of frequently asked questions to help out all you new wavers. Check it out:

What is wolfing?
Wolfing is growing your hair for about 6-10 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. But while you're in this stage you should be constantly brushing and combing your hair.

How do you lay your hair down while wolfing?
To lay your hair down while wolfing do the plastic bag method. You don’t need any grease while you do it either.

What is the plastic bag method?
The plastic bag method is when you take any kind of plastic bag and you rub it against your hair but only in the direction you brush, you do this to lay your hair down.

How do I get waves on the side?
To get waves on the side just keep doing what you’re doing: the sides take longer to wave up. Also I suggest you use Edgetastic if you have been wolfing for a while and you still don’t see anything.

How do you make your waves connect?
To make the connection better you need to comb your hair with a rat tail comb, its best to do it while wolfing.

How long should I wear a durag/wave cap?
How long you wear your durag/wave cap is totally up to you. I like to wear mine for about an hour during the day and brush the rest of the day. And ALWAYS wear it to bed.

How often should I shampoo my hair and what shampoo should I use?
Depending on how much product you put in your hair will determine how often you have to shampoo, but usually every 3 days or so, the shampoos I suggest are Wash In Waves, vo5, and garnier fructis.

How do you shine your hair?
To make your hair shiny try using: Wave Shine

How do you make your crown look extraordinary?
To make your crown look good comb it and brush it with a medium brush, and also make sure every brush stroke is starting at the crown.

Where can you get the Wavebuilder products at?
You can get them at Walmart, your local beauty supply store, or on amazon.com