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Wave Starter Set

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Includes Wash in Waves Wave Saving Shampoo, Brush in Waves Daily Training Lotion, Deep Wave Pomade, Waveamins Vitamin Treatment and a Full Force Durag.

These high quality, safe, effective WAVEBUILDER products are made by us with only the best available ingredients.

Deep Wave - Wave Forming Pomade 3.0 oz. (85g)
Pomade is central to most wave regimens. Whether used for daily hold, brushing or at night under a durag or wave cap – it is something that most wavers simply cannot live without. We put a lot of work into formulating Wavebuilder Deep Wave Pomade and tested many different ingredients and competitive formulas before being satisfied that Deep Wave outperforms all other formulas. The blend of waxes and the selection of oils and how these fit together makes all the difference. Wavebuilder Deep Wave Pomade has tons of hold, has added nutrients, moisturizers and conditioners and goes on smoothly without stickiness or buildup. Never greasy, makes deep well defined waves. Lasts all day or night. Sweatproof. Hair healthy. The choice of top wavers everywhere. Wave Forming Pomade: Best all-around choice for many wavers.

Full Force Durag
The Full Force Durag is a Wavebuilder unique patented design. The front panel pulls down and not around your head. This distributes force tightly and evenly for a deep defined wave pattern and very smooth look.  As with our classic WaveBuilder durag - the Full Force is made of breathable, cool and comfortable fabric.  It is cut to the perfect size and all seams are sewn with a high stitch count to ensure durability. 

Brush In Waves - Daily Training Lotion 6.3 fl. oz. (186 mL)
Brush in Waves is a hair healthy water based “activator” that helps gently make hair more “waveable.” Sealed in moisture makes hair easier to wave and this product is essential to top wavers all over the world. It can be used as often as desired without buildup and is an excellent brushing aid. Never greasy and leaves a nice lasting shine.

Wash In Waves - Wave Saving Shampoo 6.9 fl. oz. (204 mL)
Smart wavers never use any old shampoo or whatever they find in the shower! The wrong shampoo can reverse days of wave work, make waving harder, and make your waves look dull and dry. Many shampoos strip hair of essential moisture and oils with harsh surfactants. Wavebuilder Wash in Waves Wave Saving Shampoo is WAVE SAFE (TM), hair healthy and never strips - but it still cleans hair and scalp fully and leaves hair soft and refreshed. Enriched with keratin and collagen amino acids.

Waveamins Vitamin Treatment 4.1 fl. oz. (122 mL)
Wavebuilder Wave Serums are concentrated nutrient rich liquid formulas formulated to deliver very specific wave related results. Waveamins is formulated to be directly applied to your hair and deliver all the nutrients wavers need to keep hair healthy and in top shape for waving. Packed with Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Panthenol, Biotin and other nutrients – Waveamins makes a visible difference after just a few weeks of use. Non-greasy. Buildup free and never sticky with tons of added shine. 


This high quality, safe, effective WAVEBUILDER product is made by us with only the best available ingredients.

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edward w.
Ed order

As always wave builder is outstanding products and prompt deliverly

Kimber J.

I started seeing waves less then 30mins after using product

Abrian D.

Wave Starter Set

Marques L.
Product is a Success

I love it ivwill be continue to using the site and future products

Leon A.

I love all the products and am here to stay!!! Thank you WAVE BUILDER?!!!